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"Nobody believes in this, and therefore, it's not real or valid."

Does truth come from belief?

"Yes!  Truth is whatever one believes it is.  I'm a post-modernist!"

Have you heard of Flat-Earthers?

"Yea, and they're crazy.  The Earth is round!"

But if they believe it's flat, that doesn't that mean it IS flat, according to your "beliefs = truth" logic?



"OK you're right.  But still.  No one believes in your "natural law", so it's not even worth discussing."

Human history is a long sequence of Ideas People Reject turning into Ideas That Are Universally Accepted.  It's happened with so many topics, it's impossible to count them all.  It's literally what history is about.

And it's going to happen with this idea too.

Which side of History do you want to be on?

Do you want to be remembered as an early pioneer of the truth?  As someone with foresight and a clear mind and heart?

Or as one of the stubborn ones who had to be dragged, by others, into evolving?

"OK OK, I guess it wasn't a very good objection.  Take me back to the main page."


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