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Title 2: Animal Rights


[ ​Crust 2]



Entertainment is not a genuine need,

and therefore, does not justify harming any animal.

Animal Fighting
Fighting animals for sport is unlawful.

Racing and Performing
It is unlawful to race animals or use them for entertainment
if the discipline necessary for their performance
requires the infliction of pain, whether physical or emotional.


Zoos, aviaries, fishtanks, and aquariums
are unlawful contraband
except if the animal species is endangered,
and the confinement is necessary for protection
and for breeding and replenishing the population.

Sport Hunting
The purpose
of hunting and fishing
is to fulfill nutritional needs
that are otherwise unfulfillable
given present environment and means.
Any other reason is motivated by sadism,
and thus, hunting for sport or trophies is unlawful.

Driving hooks through the mouths of fish
as a pastime, with no intention to eat the catch,
(i.e. "catch and release") is sadistic and thus unlawful.

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