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Title 2: Animal Rights


[ ​Crust 6 ]



One simple rule:
You can if you need to, but you have to try not to.


The natural diet of humanity is plants,
unless there is a nutrient that cannot be acquired
sufficiently from the plant sources that are available.

This determination may be made by you, the individual,
but only with open information, and without censorship
of ideas that provide evidence against this determination.

In other words,
if you believe you need animal products for adequate nutrition,
you may use them,
but must also, at the same time:
1) be open to receiving information which disputes that belief
2) choose sources that involve minimal suffering
3) search for plant-based ways to obtain the nutrient(s) you need.


Overconsumption of Meat
It is unlawful to consume a greater amount of meat
than what is genuinely useful for nutrition.

Whenever you want to eat meat,
you must ask yourself where this desire is coming from:
does it come from your body (need), or from your mind (want)?


If it is just a want, then eating it is unlawful.

If it is a need, then eating meat is lawful, however:

1.  You must not consume more than you need
2.  You must choose the least neurologically evolved species
whose meat is capable of fulfilling your nutritional need.


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