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Title 2: Animal Rights


[ ​Crust 8 ]

Companion Animals (Pets)


Not Property
Living beings are not property;
thus it is unlawful to consider oneself the owner of an animal.


Instead, it is lawful to consider oneself
a friend, guardian, caretaker, steward, or custodian,
in service to the animal for its wellbeing.

As only property can be sold and traded,
it is unlawful to sell an animal.

Shelters for lost or abandoned animals
may charge adoption fees to cover their costs of operation.

Voluntary Relationship
Do not keep a pet imprisoned in a cage or pen.
 Instead, keep its proximity through mutual affection only.
If this does not work, then the animal does not belong with you.



When adopting, do not separate families forcibly.
There is a difference between adoption and abduction.


Treat your adoption as an offer to the animal.

First, befriend them, and see whether they like you
before you plan the rest of their life for them.

Next, lead them to your home, on foot
so that they know the way back to their home and family,
and can return there any time they wish.

Finally, keep your home open for the animal to leave.
If you have to imprison them to keep them near
then they don't belong with you.

And if they does belong with you
then you won't have to imprison them to keep them near.

If the animal is in a pet store, and no longer has a family,
then you may take them directly to your home,
but still must allow them the option to leave if they choose.

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