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Title 2: Animal Rights


[ ​Crust 1 ]

Conditions for Raising



Regardless of what purpose
for which an animal is being raised/used,
they must be treated with respect and honor.

Whether used for eggs, dairy, labor,
or any other purpose whatsoever, 
the animal must be treated as a FAMILY MEMBER,
with their comfort taken into serious, significant account.

Uncomfortable living quarters must be avoided,
and the animal must be able to engage
in all behaviors natural to their species.

Long-term confinement in a cage is unlawful.

Cages may only be used for short-term needs,

such as carrying an animal on public transportation.

In all cases, the animal must be accompanied

by his or her caretaker - not left alone.  

A chain earns the same status as a cage
the moment it restricts any living being.

Same as a chain.

Fences and Pens
Must have a full social unit within it.
Density low enough to keep grass cover.

Animal Social Integrity
It is unlawful to forcefully seperate and keep apart
a mammal or bird from its bonded social unit,
be it flock, herd, pack, pride, family, tribe, etc.

All animal-based food production
is managed at the village level.

One herd per species per village.

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