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This is the official website for the Law of the Earth.  Here you can find the full text in its most up-to-date form.

The Law of the Earth is the universal law that applies everywhere on the planet.  Currently, nations claim to make law, but they are mistaken, since they do not have the authority to do such a thing - no person does. 

Governments are made up of people, elected by people, and imbued with whatever authority they have by the people whom they represent.  But no person has the right to make law for other people.  If no one has such authority, no one can give, grant, or delegate such authority to anyone else.

That's an obvious fact, yet it has been denied and suppressed by the massive propaganda machines at the disposal of most governments, and hence, it seems like a "radical" new concept to most people, simply because it seems so new.  But it isn't new. 

Law is a natural phenomenon, like physics and mathematics, and it can be studied objectively, for it derives not from the whims of persons and groups, but from the very structure of Reality itself.


Although the majority of people and nations still remain ignorant of this truth, it cannot stay hidden forever.  Lies are unsustainable.  A civilization must live in balance with the planet that sustains it, and respect the rights of the Beings within it, in order to be sustainable.  Humanity's current  value system is steering us towards worldwide ecological breakdown.  The existing governing model is a parasite threatening its own host, and thus dooms itself to collapse.  If you look closely, you can see it already falling apart around you - and the more time goes on, the less closely one will need to look to notice.  A paradigm is ending.


And a new one is being born.  The Law of the Earth is the moral and legal system of the New Civilization that is now emerging.  As our society evolves to the next stage of evolution, our understanding of law must evolve as well. 

Once the old system collapses under the weight of its own falsehoods, we will need something new to replace it with.  The Law of the Earth is a fully formed system, ready to be adopted at a moment's notice - the moment humanity finally decides that "enough is enough."  

Worldwide recognition and application of the Law of the Earth is inevitable, simply because it's true, coming directly from Nature and Reason - rather than from the arbitrary whims of people - and truth cannot be hidden forever. 

It's also valid - morally and legally - regardless of its recognition status (or lack thereof) in any particular place.  Even if your city, state, or nation hasn't acknowledged it (yet), it's still the law, and everyone is required to observe and apply the principles in it.

The Law contains six main sections, or Titles.


Title 1 explains the basic, natural Rights of all humans - as well as details on what to do when certain rights appear to conflict with one another.  ​
Title 2 explains the Rights of non-human animals, and how to treat them with compassion and respect; for a civilization's very worthiness to exist depends on how it treats its most vulnerable inhabitants.

Title 3 has to do with respecting the integrity of the biosphere, so that Life and civilization may continue to exist; for without a healthy biosphere, there can be no existence, and all other debates and arguments would be worthless - as there would be nobody alive to make them.  

Title 4 explains how to rationally arbitrate disputes regarding the application of the Law in practice.​

Title 5 explains how to enforce the Law, and contains instructions for Planetary Law Enforcement.

Title 6 explains the importance of forgiveness, and details how, when, and why to forgive those who have transgressed. 

Wait just a minute!

This is absurd!

I don't buy this idea!

There's no such thing

as a "Law of the Earth."

You're out of your mind!

It's understandable to have objections to a concept that seems so new, so grand, and so contradictory to what you've been taught.  But we assure you, it's well-thought-out, and it makes sense.  The Law of the Earth is valid, and we've done an exhaustive job of debunking all of the arguments against it.  Here are some of the most common initial reactions:

Click one if it's what you're thinking:

"This whole idea is just crazy!"

"This is a bunch of woo-woo!"

"But law comes from nation-states!"

"Who do you think you are to make up your own laws?"

You can click one of those to get started.
Or if you have a more nuanced argument, you can probably find it on our main Objections page, where you can see a list of every objection we've heard.  Chances are, whatever your objection is, we've already addressed it, and it's already listed. 
Also, the Earth Party (the up-and-coming worldwide political party whose mission is to bring all nations into acknowledgment of the Law) has a page called Introduction to Natural Law, which you might find useful.
If the concept of natural law already makes sense to you, you can begin reading the Law of the Earth, starting with Title 1.
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