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"Law comes from Nature."

Yes!  That is correct!  Congratulations!

"But hang on.  Just because I believe in Natural Law, that doesn't mean I believe in YOUR VERSION.  What makes you think yours is the truth?"

Good question.  You should never believe someone's wild claims without good evidence. 

You want to know whether our version of Natural Law is correct?  Well then, read it.  See the contents.  Look at it, and then evaluate it through the lens of Reason. 

We think you'll agree with all or most of what's written here.  It's very well-thought-out.  If there's a part you disagree with, have a look at the corresponding explanation (found under the "Explanations" heading on the Main Menu).  Chances are, if you see the questionable part explained in more detail, you'll see why it makes sense.

And if the explanation is not sufficient, and you still disagree, then we would be happy to hear from you!  Please contact us, and let us know which part(s) you think are incorrect.  Send us an email at

You are a member of this planet too.  Your ideas matter.  You have a stake in what happens here, and a role to play in making it better.  This is YOUR project too - not just ours.  If you feel that our understanding can improve, don't hesitate to help us reach that insight.  Be on Team Earth! 

To start reading, you can use the Main Menu (at the top of the screen), and click on "Text" to see the text of the Law of the Earth.

And to see how to get involved with spreading this awareness and restoring justice to Planet Earth, visit the Planetary Protectorate:

Visit the Protectorate Site
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