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The Law of the Earth


For protecting the biological systems that support life;
For securing the benign sovereignty of every individual;
For making humanity a boon and a friend to other forms of life.

The entire Planet Earth.
All mentally competent persons on Earth.
All sentient beings who interact with the Earth.

Effective Date
All of time, past present and future.

By Authority Of
The Planet Earth
and All Life Here-Upon.


Kingdoms, Duchies, Counties, Earldoms, Marquisdoms, Baronies, Principalities
Sultanates, Caliphates, Khanates, Khaganates, Emirates, Shogunates, Palatinates
Federations, Confederations, Confederacies, Republics, Regimes, Dominions, Empires
States, Nations, Nation-States, Countries, Commonwealths, Companies, Corporations
Parties, Soviets, Politburos, Councils, Congresses, Legislatures, Halls, Assemblies
Provinces, Prefectures, Cities, Burroughs, Townships, Parishes, Municipalities
Departments, Ministries, Committees, Boards, Bureaus, Panels, Commissions
Bands, Brotherhoods, Sisterhoods, Societies, Schools, Institutes, Institutions
Treaties, Charters, Contracts, Covenants, Codes, Rules, Constitutions, Agreements
Writs, Edicts, Commands, Orders, Oaths, Vows, Fatwas, Bulls, Declarations
Judiciaries, Magistracies, Courts, Benches, Chairs, Tables, Desks
Decisions, Rulings, Interpretations, Precedents, Ideologies,
Tribes, Clans, Peoplehoods, Customs, Traditions, Rituals
Peerages, Offices, Grants, Appointments, Titles
Associations, Agencies, Administrations
Organizations, Groups, and Persons

Philosophical Foundation
Common Sense, Truth, Obviousness
The Innate Intrinsic Conscience In Every Person
Verifiable by Already-Knowingness
In other words...
 You Already Know This!

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