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Benign Sovereignty



Sovereignty proportional to benignity.

Everyone is sovereign to the extent that they are benign.

Everyone has the right to sovereignty as long as they are respecting the same right in others who are respecting the same right in others...

A person has the right to do anything he wants, as long as (s)he's respecting everyone else's rights.

Force may not be used to restrict the liberty of anyone who is respecting everyone else's rights.

If someone is violating someone else's rights, then force may be used to stop the violation and prevent further violations.

That's the only time force may be used.



Title 1: Human Rights


Benign Sovereignty

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All human rights
are derived from one:
The right to Benign Sovereignty.  

Everyone is entitled to
sovereignty (full freedom of choice)
as long as they are benign (not doing harm).

A sovereign being

may make any choice,

perform any action,

or refrain from any action,

as long as they are not infringing

upon the rights of anyone else.


It is self-evident:
that everyone is equal in law,
that no person owns any other person,
and that no person innately has the authority
to decide the definition of morality for another person,
nor to impose their will upon another by force, except in defense.

Since everyone is sovereign, every personal choice is lawful,
as long as it does not infringe upon someone else's sovereignty,
nor upon animal rights, or the integrity of the ecosystem -
 in other words, as long as it is benign (does no harm).

Derivations of Specific Rights

Since all human rights
derive from Benign Sovereignty,
all rights can be extrapolated from it,
and thus do not intrinsically require enumeration.

throughout history,
the right to Benign Sovereignty
was violated in several specific ways.
For every way in which Benign Sovereignty
has encountered widespread historical violation,
a corresponding Human Right should be enumerated,
to prevent ambiguity in applying Law in said circumstance.



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