Title 2: Animal Rights


[ Core ]

Origin of Animal Rights

Rights come from Consciousness,
also known as Awareness, and Life;
being Alive means having rights.

Animals are living beings
with a capacity to sense and feel.  
They are conscious, and thus, have rights.

All such rights derive from one;
The Basic Right of all Consciousness, which is:

The Right to Freedom from
Deliberate and Unnecessary
Infliction of Suffering
by other Beings.

Deliberate:  acting with will and intent
Unnecessary:  not required for biological health

All specific rights of animals
can be logically extrapolated from this right.

Specific Rights

A being has as many rights
as types of suffering their species can experience.

Every dimension of perception
a Being is capable of experiencing
entitles them to a corresponding right
to protect from suffering in that dimension.

As with human rights,
enumeration of specifics
is not intrinsically necessary,
but is useful to prevent ambiguity.