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Title 6: Forgiveness


Law enforcement pertains

only to stopping crime from occurring,

not to punishing for crimes already committed.

Lawful force

is always defensive,

a response to a present event.


A committed crime

is, by definition, in the past.


Punishment for a past crime

is, by definition, non-defensive.

And non-defensive force is unlawful.

Nor does punishment deter future crime,

because fear does not eliminate malevolence -

it merely drives it from one location into another.

Thus, punishment has no basis in law.

What truly reforms

is not fear, but Healing. 

The occupation of a penitent

is to practice the Healing Process.

Correction and rehabilitation

come about through the restoration

of the individual's original spiritual blueprint.


Someone who commits crime,

and is impenitent about doing so,

can be assumed willing to do so again,

and may thus present a danger to others.


Dangerous persons may be

held in custody to protect others.

But nevertheless:

Such custody should not involve

any restriction, pain, or suffering beyond

what is necessary to keep the person secure.

While a person is in custody,
every means feasible should be employed
to facilitate and encourage the Healing Process.


The Meaning of Justice

Justice cannot be found in the past,

and can only be protected in the present.


Reimbursements, restitution, reparations,

and restorations to natural stations of equality

are within the purview of Law, as they affect the Present.

But punishment for punishment's sake

contributes nothing to any good in the present,

thus vengeance has no basis in, or relevance to, the Law.

Penitence cannot be forced.
Disrespect does not teach respect.
Indignity does not teach dignity.
Domination does not educate.
Fear does not rekindle empathy.
Isolation does not promote pro-social thought-patterns.
And the suffering of one does not restore what was lost from another.

The only reason to take forceful action against someone
is to prevent them from violating the law.
There is no other lawful reason.

Execution Prohibited

Since execution is, by definition,
the killing of someone already in custody,
its purpose is not to prevent further violations.

The only purpose of execution is vengeance,
and thus it is unlawful to perform.

Sentencing Prohibited

Since a sentence is meant to apply to the future,
regardless of the moral development of the person,
its purpose is not to prevent further violations.

They could be imprisoned despite regaining sanity,
or released despite continued insanity,
and thus sentencing has no relation to keeping anyone safe.

Sequestered criminals are not "sentenced."

Sequestration should end when

the Four Conditions for Release are met.

The Four Conditions for Release

1.  They can explain why they did what they did

2.  They explain why it was wrong

3.  They genuinely understand, and are not pretending

4.  They do not constitute a danger to others.


Whoever is managing a sequestered penitent

must debate the penitent's release,

with full Rationality (Title 4),

at least once every:

-Week:                                      Class 1 violations (petty theft, simple assaults)

-Month:                                              Class 2 (battery, reckless endangerment)

-Season:           Class 3 (unauthorized ecological degradation, major battery)

-Year:        Class 4 (homicide, torture, rape, catastrophic ecological damage)


This doesn't mean release - it means debating release.

And it's at these intervals or sooner - debate may happen any time.

And each class of violation has a maximum length

of 10x the aforementioned debate intervals,

with Class 4 having no maximum.



The Great Jubilee


Given the fact

that the human race

is emerging from a dark age

of great oppression and ignorance,

it is understandable that many people

currently have a distorted view of law and morality.

Given this understanding,

it would be greatly beneficial

to give everyone a fresh start - a clean slate.

Everyone is therefore offered

one-time jubilee of total forgiveness

for all crimes and debts (financial and karmic).

This jubilee may be claimed once,

upon first receiving the Law of the Earth

and formally declaring acknowledgement of it in public.


A person is fully liable for any debts incurred after their jubilee.


The Jubilee does not require

releasing criminals from custody,

if their freedom would endanger others -

it merely grants them forgiveness for their debts.


The jubilee provides a strong incentive

for all humanity to acknowledge the Law,

while helping us to put aside our differences,

and work together to solve our many challenges.

Going Forward


All future activities
shall be conducted in a spirit
of mutual cooperation.

Rekindle faith and trust
in the generosity of a healthy society
and the bounty of the living soil.

Thank you for being sane.




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